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  • Low cost, easy change filters in integral filtration unit.
  • Automatic self-cleaning.  No water, solvents or caustic solutions required.
  • No water, drain or external filtration system required.
  • LCD Screen attracts attention promotes the Brand
  • Internalized condiment dispenser. 
  • All payment option technology included coin (and paper currency where applicable) credit card, debit card, and NFC / chip reading  technology proprietary token or card
  • Real Time web based monitoring increases operational efficiencies and insures timely technical support

Offering a hot tasty snack satisfies consumer`s time constraints and eliminates the need for your consumers to leave the vend area to find hot fries.

No spoilage or product waste. The French Fries are kept fully frozen until served. Calibrated portion control. Each 100 gr. serving is individually weighed. Gross margins can easily exceed 85%.

The French Fry Vendor does not cook with hot oil! It has a patented hot air convection oven which cooks delicious french fries in just 35 seconds. (cooking time only).

No fire extinguisher required. Machine automatically shuts down if infernal temperature exceeds safe level. Sanitary. No hot oil to go rancid or be disposed of. Health switch in freezer ensures potatoes are kept frozen at all times the machine is shut down.

Vend Fries are not deep-fried in the machine. The patented hot air cooking process results in 50% less fat than traditional fast food fries.

French fries are a favorite hot snack or side dish.

Make them part of your sales.